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METAR & TAF from LGAV (Eleftherios Venizelos)

The heliport will be used exclusively for the for the needs of the owner as well as for the needs of persons who have obtained the permission of the owner.


CAUTION. Prior coordination with LGMK – MYKONOS ATS unit is required before any departure or arrival.


Position 37°26’36.61″N, 025°25’06.13″E
Location Mykonos island, 7.7 km East from city of Mykonos
Elevation 217ft
TLOF Concrete, 16.50 m in diameter
GEO bearings 147°/358° GEO
Safety area 22 m in diameter
Lights NIL
Remarks To be used by helicopters with maximum length 11 m

Heliport Administration: Duofol Holdings LTD, Palmsol Co LTD, Restmar Co LTD
TEL: +30 6944126508


Posted: April 6, 2023


Category: Heliports, Private