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The heliport will be used exclusively for the needs of Piraeus Port Authority S.A as well as for the needs of persons who have secured the permission of the owner, without fee.

CAUTION. Prior coordination with LGEL – ELEFSIS ATS unit is required. Helicopters operating from the heliport will start up only after having received clearance from ELEFSIS TWR on telephone 210-5505656 (recorded communication).

Position 37°56’02.82”N 023°37’20.82”E
Location Central Port of Piraeus
Elevation 20 ft
TLOF 27 m in diameter
GEO bearings 147°/297° GEO
Safety area 4.50 m
Lights NIL
Remarks To be used by helicopters with maximum length 18 m

Heliport Administration: PIRAEUS PORT AUTHORITY S.A
10, Akti Miaouli Str.
GR 18538 Piraeus
TEL: +30 210 4550100
FAX: +30 210 4550101


Posted: August 31, 2012


Category: Private



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