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Koropi, Attiki
GR 19400
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METAR & TAF from LGAV (Eleftherios Venizelos)

The heliport will be used exclusively for the company MESOGEIAKI AEROPLOIA-ANAPTIXI-TOURISMOS S.A as well as for the needs of persons who have obtained the permission of the owner, without fee.


CAUTION. Prior coordination with LGAV – ATHINAI / ELEFTHERIOS VENIZELOS ATS unit is required. Helicopters operating from the heliport will start up only after having received clearance from VENIZELOS TOWER.


Position 37°51’46.69″N, 023°52’30.43″E
Location At location ”Profarta”, Koropi
Elevation 506 ft
TLOF 22.50 m in diameter
GEO bearings 080°/250° GEO
Safety area 3.75 m
Lights NIL
Remarks To be used by helicopters with maximum length 15 m

Heliport Administration: Messogeiaki Aeroploia – Anaptixi – Tourismos S.A
50, Pithagora str.
GR 19400 Koropi, Attiki
TEL: +30 210 6626773
FAX: +30 210 6626568


Posted: August 30, 2012


Category: Private



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