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PPR by the owner.


CAUTION. Prior coordination with LGTT – DEKELIA / TATOI ATS unit is required. Helicopters operating from the heliport will start up only after having received clearance from TATOI TOWER and shall follow the given instructions and limitations.


Position 38°07’52.52″N, 023°51’09.88″E
Location At location Anoixi (Bogiati)
Elevation 1090 ft
TLOF 20 x 20 m
GEO bearings 010°/210° GEO
Safety area 3 m
Lights NIL
Remarks To be used by helicopters with maximum length 13 m

Heliport Administration: M.X. KYRIAKOU
AG. ATHANASIOU 30, ANOIXI P.C. 14569, Attiki
Tel: 210-6218976, 6936655142, 6936655144
Fax: NIL


Posted: August 30, 2012


Category: Private



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