Zakynthos Airclub

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Owner’s permission is mandatory prior to landing


Position 37°49’28″N 020°47’35E”
Location 6,2 NM, N/NW from Airport Zakynthos/Dionisios Solomos (LGZA) BRG 311° from LGZA
Elevation 15 ft
TLOF n/a
GEO bearings 360°/180°
Safety area n/a
Lights NIL
Remarks n/a

Heliport Administration: Stathis Malapetsas
Mob: +30 6977223138, email:

Ability to host helicopters on a 3500 sqm grass field. The field is lighted, fenced and guarded, clear of trees and cables. Windsock and fire extinguishers. Handler will help you around. There is a waiting area. Car to rent and limo service are available upon request.




Posted: November 25, 2019


Category: Heli Sites